Ecologies of Practices

A symposium with Sha Xin Wei
organized by the Department of
Critical Media Practices
Funded by a Roser Grant, CU Boulder Center for Humanities and Arts.

Organized with the support of NEST, CMAP, IAWP, ATLAS
September 18-19

This two-day event will open a space for collaboration and exchange at the intersection of media, art, environment and technology. Drawing upon the model of “ecologies of practices”, Professor Sha Xin Wei will serve as the keynote and central figure in a series of events exploring atelier-based research-creation, featuring a public talk, workshop, round table discussion, and a closing reception plenary for the future. The event is designed to bring together interdisciplinary practitioners and practices that traverse media arts, film, performing arts, music, computer science, geography, information science, media studies, communication and engineering. The aim is to foster an intensive dialogue around ways of knowing and doing across disciplines associated with making and performing in, with and through media. The event is open to broad participation from across campus, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and the local community. Contact Teri Rueb for further information (teri.rueb[at]