Ecologies of Practices Symposium – September 19th Events

Roundtable on Ecologies of Practices
Xin Wei + Friends (NEST, ATLAS, MAL and others?)
Media Lab, Stadium, Gate 7, Suite 255

Recent research streams:
Movement and Gestural Media
Alter-Eco; alternative ecologies and economies
Multiscale Rhythm

A conversation. Participants will bring examples from their own practices of research-creation: making knowledge via artistic practices. In particular we will explore approaches to knowledge-producing that require collective work, pursuing inquiries that exceed one person’s capacities, and demand approaches that cut across disciplines. Sha Xin Wei will bring examples of such research streams from Synthesis, including: movement and gestural media, multi-scale rhythmanalysis, vegetal life, and alter-eco: alternative ecologies and economies. Sign up at eventbrite.

Cinq-a-sept: What next?
CMCI Studio
1301 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO

An informal closing reception with drinks and hors d’oeuvres where everyone is welcome to discuss the previous three presentations and conversations, and possible futures. Where do we go from here? What do we want to do? Why? And how? Sign up at eventbrite.