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Ecologies of Practices

A symposium with Sha Xin Wei organized by the Department of Critical Media Practices Funded by a Roser Grant, CU Boulder Center for Humanities and Arts. Organized with the support of NEST, CMAP, IAWP, ATLAS September 18-19 2019 This two-day event will open a space for collaboration and exchange at the intersection of media, art, […]

Ecologies of Practices Symposium – September 18th Events

9:00-12:00 Media Lab, Stadium, Gate 7, Suite 255 Grad + Faculty Workshop with Sha Xin Wei (open to all grads and faculty – sign up required for presenters) Students & researchers can present projects, demos and research ideas for response and discussion. Graduate students and faculty from all disciplines are invited to participate in this […]

Ecologies of Practices Symposium – September 19th Events

12:30-2:30 Roundtable on Ecologies of Practices Xin Wei + Friends (NEST, ATLAS, MAL and others?) Media Lab, Stadium, Gate 7, Suite 255 Recent research streams:Movement and Gestural MediaAlter-Eco; alternative ecologies and economiesMultiscale Rhythm A conversation. Participants will bring examples from their own practices of research-creation: making knowledge via artistic practices. In particular we will explore […]

Ecologies of Practices Symposium – Keynote Background and Research

Sha Xin Wei’s overarching research is “a philosophical investigation that is conducted in a poetic mode of installation or event-based art and technology.” His collaborative practice weaves together, traverses through, and resists disciplinary methods that operate as doctrine, arguing that “poesis precedes theory-building, and theory-building precedes methodology, because methodology repeats a process that no longer […]