Checkout Policies

Department of Critical Media Practices

College of Media, Communication and Information


LOCATION: 2nd Floor ENVD, Room 201-O


PHONE: (303)735-5966

HOURS: Monday – Friday, 9am – 12pm for returns, 1pm – 4pm for checkouts



You must be currently enrolled in Critical Media Practices (CMDP) production courses to have access to the Checkout Facility and computer labs.

Each course has different gear requirements, and therefore has access to different items in Checkout. Check with your professor if you have questions on what cameras are available to your class.

There is an exception for students not enrolled in CMDP classes but are enrolled in the College of Media, Communication and Information and require a camera to complete CMCI course work. Visit Checkout for more details.


  1. All gear is reserved for University course work only. You can not use the equipment for your job or internship, for example.
  2. You must have a current registration form on file before proceeding.
  3. All transactions are to be done in person – do not email or call Checkout trying to renew your equipment.
  4. Allow time to properly inspect the equipment when checking out and returning items. Returns are not completed until all items are inspected and verified.
  5. Notify Checkout personnel promptly of any damaged items. You are responsible for all damages, so inspect items thoroughly before signing the form and leaving Checkout.
  6. There is a limit of one camera or one recorder per person. If you need more than one for your project, you will need to obtain instructor approval.
  7. There are penalties and fees for breaking the rules.


Because of the high demand for equipment and the fact that late returns often irreparably inconvenience your fellow student’s productions, late penalties are taken seriously. In the event that you are unable to return your equipment on time, notify checkout as soon as possible. Acting quickly and responsibly may lessen or eliminate your penalty.

Late Fees

Each time equipment is returned after the due time on the checkout form, the student responsible for the equipment will be charged an administrative late fee of $10 per hour for every hour late each day, with a maximum of $30 per day.

This late fee is non-negotiable and will automatically place a hold on your account, preventing you from checking out anymore items until paid. Also, failure to clear this debt can result in a hold on future registration and graduation.

Suspension Penalties

In addition to the above fees, a person may become suspended from using checkout if a pattern of abuse develops.

  1. If a late return or violation negatively impacts another student’s project, you may receive a one-week suspension from checkout in addition to any late fees assessed.
  2. A second violation within one semester will result in a two-week suspension.
  3. A third violation will result in a suspension for three months, or a full semester.



  1. You return your Sony RX10 at 1:05pm on the due date: $10 late fee.
  2. You return your Sony RX10 at 10:20am the following morning: $30 late fee.
  3. You return your Sony RX10 at 2:30pm the following day. The clock starts running again at 1pm, therefore you owe a $50 late fee.
  4. You return your Sony RX10 at 11:00am on the due date, but forget the batteries. You don’t return the batteries until 1:05pm: $10 late fee.

Eating/Drinking in Labs

Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited in the Critical Media Practices computer labs. Violations will result in a suspension of lab privileges – one week for first time violations and one month for subsequent violations.


How far in advance can I reserve equipment?

A: Equipment may be reserved up to four weeks in advance. Reservations for the following semester may not be made until the start of the semester.

How long can I keep the equipment?

A: The length of time you are allowed to keep the equipment varies according to what equipment you are checking out and what class you are in. Most equipment can be checked out for a maximum of three days at a time. Check with the equipment checkout personnel for more details on specific equipment.

How long must I wait before re-checking out equipment I just returned?

A: 48 hours.

Can I extend the due date for the equipment I already checked out?

A: Due to the changing demands of course requirements, extension periods change frequently. For the current extension policy, see checkout personnel.

**All extensions must be requested in person.**

Do I have to reserve equipment in advance?

A: Advance reservations are not required. If equipment is available and you’re eligible to use it, you may fill out an equipment reservation form on the spot.

What if I want to change my reservation?

A: You can modify your reservation at any time, subject to availability.

What if I forget, am late, or am unable to pick up my equipment?

A: If you don’t pick up your equipment by 4pm on the date of your reservation, you may have to forfeit the entire reservation. If you are unable for any reason to pick up your equipment, be sure to let checkout personnel know in advance. You may be able to extend the pickup date to the next day. Otherwise, the equipment will be made available to whoever wants it the following day.


If an item is missing from a package or if the equipment is damaged or malfunctions in any way, ask the checkout attendant to make note of it on your Checkout Receipt before you sign it. When you sign the form, you are assuming complete responsibility for the equipment and affirming it is in working order.


Late returns will receive penalties. Plan ahead. Checkout will only receive as much equipment as it can process by noon. Arriving at 11:59 does not guarantee all of your equipment will be processed and accepted before checkout closes.

Don’t leave Checkout before your equipment has been inspected and verified by checkout staff. This is considered a late return and you will be penalized accordingly.


It prevents others from using it and increases the chance that damage or theft could occur while you’re responsible. It’s better to return it early.


Your Responsibilities and Liability

Damage – Negligence vs. Wear and Tear

While “loss” and “theft” are straightforward concepts, “damage” is sometimes a gray area. The Department of Critical Media Practices considers damage to be related to negligence, as opposed to “normal wear and tear.”

Examples of Negligence

A camera dropped from an unattended tripod, a lens left in a hot car without protection, a dropped light, etc.

The person who reserved and checked out the equipment must replace equipment damaged due to negligence, regardless of who actually damaged the equipment.

Equipment Loss

The person who reserved and checked out the equipment, regardless of whose care the equipment was under at the time of loss, must replace any equipment lost during the time of the reservation. Remember this if you choose to crew up with other students and assign them certain pieces of equipment.


In the event of theft, you are required to notify local police immediately, and to notify Checkout as soon as possible. Once again, the person who checked out the equipment is responsible for replacing stolen equipment.

Malfunctioning Equipment

If you are experiencing a problem with a piece of equipment while on a shoot, you are encouraged to call Checkout right away. Often, the problems are comparatively minor and can be easily fixed. If the problem is beyond immediate on-site repair, bring them in to checkout as soon as possible.

If the breakage is not due to negligence, and a similar piece of equipment is available, you can sign it out. If not, checkout will attempt to repair the equipment as soon as possible. This is a circumstance which points out the need for advance contingency planning; be aware of resources for all types of equipment you might need because breakage is a fact of life.