This page includes a wide range of tools for your use, but for ease of organization it has been broken down into the following categories:

  • Syllabus and Assignment Handouts: These explain the expectations and outlines of each assignment
  • Assignment How-To Documents: These offer an outline of the steps necessary to setup accounts, begin assignments, and in some cases complete them
  • Assignment How-To Videos: These videos are intended to be used in tandem with the How-To documents to outline the processes they describe (or to build upon them)

NOTE: Full Syllabi and Reading Materials are available through D2L, and audio visuals that are embedded below can also be viewed at the YouTube Critical Media Practices Channel.



CMDP 1400 Blog and Reading Response Handout

CMDP 1400 Assignment 1 – Photo-a-Day Handout

CMDP 1400 Assignment 2 – How-To Vines Handout

CMDP 1400 Assignment 3 – Locative Media Handout

CMDP 1400 Final Portfolio Handout



How-To – Course WordPress Login and Submission

How-To – Photo-a-Day

How-To – Set Up Yahoo Account

How-To – Vines

How-To – Locative Media

How-To – Final Portfolio WordPress Setup

How-To – Accessing Lynda Tutorials