Blog post 4- Sam Cast

At this point in the class we are working on the locative media project. Something that I find veyr cool and interesting as a concept but I am a little intimidated by what the process of completing it will be. Right now I am in the planning phase for my project. My idea is to […]

The Real Blog 5 Sam Cast

This week we are continuing to work on our online portfolios. I’m happy to say I’ve made lots of progress since I last wrote about this. My website is coming along nicely, I have finished almost all my write ups and just have to do the very last paragraph. I have built a website with […]

Blog post #3

While building the final portfolio project I came across some realizations about our media landscape and was able to find ways to provide concrete evidence. I made the broad statement that online social space is democratic even though some of the most powerful people on the internet are widely disliked. The example I used on […]

Reading response #5 People panos

In taking the people pano pictures this week I noticed that as I move off campus to take the photos, people respond differently to me taking photos than people on campus. Away from campus, people seem more suspicious of what I am taking pictures of and why. In past photo projects when I am shooting […]

Blog #4- Danielle Brown

I’m not going to lie, this week’s photo a day was completed in less than 48 hours. The whole “taking pictures on the go” theory was awesome at first but unless I reminded myself several times or wrote “take pictures” on my hand there was no way I would have remembered. Going out to specifically take […]

Blog 4

This week’s photo-a-day assignment was to take pictures at night. This was a good stylistic change from all of the other photos taken during the day, and you need to rely more on your surroundings to give you a good shot. When taking photos at night, I tried to look for street lamps or other […]

Blog #004 – Christoph Uhl

The current assignment I’ve been working on this week is the Panorama Photo-a-day. It is pretty self-explanatory; take a panorama of a place a day. This one is quite a lot tougher than any other Photo-a-day assignments we’ve had in this class, for two main reasons: a) Because taking panoramas is difficult; moving the iPad […]

Reading response 4 A new picture

Last week’s reading, an article by Charles A. Hill, The Philosophy of Rhetorical Images, is a discussion of how images associated with content impact the thoughts and potentially even actions of the viewer. Hill is arguing in this article that images associated with content alter the meaning and effect of the content it is juxtaposed […]

Reading Response #5- Danielle Brown

This past week we read a piece from Caldwell. I’d like to start off this reading response by analyzing a quote from him: “the television and media industries are defined by a Darwinian imperative to survive by gaining advantage and market share over rivals and competitors in a given market sector” (167). Darwin discusses natural selection […]

Reading Response #5 Sam Cast

Friedburg talks about urban modality and how it works in tandem with cinematic visuality. They talk about how while driving, the windshields acts as a kind of screen to the urban world. Places like LA had their urban environment and highway system designed with that in mind. Just like a windshield a screen has boundaries […]