Reading Responses

Owen Swallow – Reading Response V – Nichols

I found this reading entitled “Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?” to be a very insightful read. One of the first, and in my opinion the most interesting, take away from this chapter was Nichols point about ‘all films being documentaries’. This was a point of view I hadn’t really considered but after […]

Reading Response #5 Jackson Landis

In Nichol’s article “Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking”, it talks about the believability of documentaries and how the ethics of some documentarians are vastly different from others. In this day and age, with the tech we have to edit footage, its very easy to take things that people have said and change […]

Reading Response #4 Jackson Landis

In Longford’s article “Territory as Interface”, he talks about space and how it can affect media that is presented in it very differently from place to place. With increased mobility of media, more spaces can have access to media, some of which never being able to do this in the past. Mobile media is a […]

Reading Response #3 Jackson Landis

In the article “What Happened to our Audience? Radio and New technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users” it talks about radio and how like many things, it’s had to change and adapt to keep up with the changing times. From the 1950’s, the radio has undergone a complete remodel. Back in the day, […]

Reading Response #2 Jackson Landis

In Morozov’s article ” The Death of the Cyberflaneur”, he talks about how the early years of the internet were similar to the pre- industrialized era when people could go to an unknown location and flaneur around, discovering new things. The same could be said about early pioneers of the internet when they would connect […]

Writing Response #5

This week I read Anne Friedberg’s article on the relationship between automobile’s and cinema. Friedberg explains the driving serves as a way to be a flâneur, with the windshield serving as “framing device”. They are both similar in that they serve as mobile spectatorship, both in reality and virtually. With movies, the theater served as […]

Reading Response #4 – Breanna Ingram

In the McCarthy reading, she talks about ambient media and how it’s pretty much everywhere. A lot of the time there will be something playing in the background that we hardly even notice. Like when TVs are on in restaurants or at the airport, most of the time we’re busy with something else and not […]

Reading Response 4 – Longford – Owen Swallow

In Michael Longford’s article “Territory as Interface”, Longford discusses the impact space has on viewers and the role of designers in engaging consumers of media in meaningful interactions with the space they inhabit. Longford discusses how increased mobility of media allows for more ready access to media in more spaces, some that have historically been […]

Reading Response #4- Danielle Brown

Last week we read an article from Barbara McCarthy. In this we see McCarthy discussing what Mark Faller says: that the television is just another appliance like the microwave and that like the microwave it should be regulated. The main two questions are “does it work” and “is it safe”. A TV is like a […]

Ben Hoban – Reading Response 3

The readings for this week were very interesting to me being an avid video game player. In Nitsche’s Warcraft Adventures reading he mentions the idea of machinima. It was interesting to see all of the different things that he said fall under the definition of machinima. I was familiar with machinima before hand and I […]