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Blog post 4- Sam Cast

At this point in the class we are working on the locative media project. Something that I find veyr cool and interesting as a concept but I am a little intimidated by what the process of completing it will be. Right now I am in the planning phase for my project. My idea is to […]

The Real Blog 5 Sam Cast

This week we are continuing to work on our online portfolios. I’m happy to say I’ve made lots of progress since I last wrote about this. My website is coming along nicely, I have finished almost all my write ups and just have to do the very last paragraph. I have built a website with […]

Reading Response #5 Sam Cast

Friedburg talks about urban modality and how it works in tandem with cinematic visuality. They talk about how while driving, the windshields acts as a kind of screen to the urban world. Places like LA had their urban environment and highway system designed with that in mind. Just like a windshield a screen has boundaries […]

Reading response #4

Warcraft Adventures is about how the game of warcraft transformed into much more. The article talks about the different kind of content it has created, whether by community(Machinima) by esport, or by Blizzard itself. Blizzard made games like Hearthstone and one of the highest grossing games ever in the MMO World of Warcraft (WOW), both […]

Blog Post #3 Sam Cast

This weeks production assignments were the how to vine and the photo-a-day faceless portrait. Both of these were actually very fun interesting and challenging, though I think the vine was the most fun because it’s not very often I get to make a vine. The vine was extremely challenging though and took more time than […]

Reading response #2 Sam Cast

This week I read about the concept of cyberflaneur and how initially this is what the internet was initially expected to be like. The concept of Flaneurie was something that initially started in Paris around the time of the industrial revolution. Where during a major change in time periods, men all around Paris would wander […]

Reading response #3 Sam Cast

This week I read about sociolocative broadcasting by Ingrid Erickson. I thought that this was an extremely interesting topic and way to look at location tagging on photos. What Erickson talked about was the idea that location tagging on photos essentially maps out places. Photos are placed on a map (see photo) as records of certain areas.For […]

Blog post #2 Sam Cast

This week’s photo-a-day topic was self-portrait. The instructions were to move beyond the selfie and create something new and different. This made it a lot more challenging than I was expecting, and I had to give up and take a regular selfie a couple of the assigned days. Other than that I generally tried to […]

Blog post #1 Sam Cast

This weeks photo-a-day assignment was supposed to reflect family. This was made very difficult because I had no access to my actual family. However I mostly used shot’s of things that reminded me of my family or of gifts they have sent me since I’ve been here such as: a poster from my house, chocolates, […]

Redaing Response #1 Sam Cast

This week I read a piece by both Scott and Berger. Scott began with discussing the changing landscape of cinema and how it has moved from being an event to becoming a more casual viewing experience. It has evolved from being an event or spectacle in theaters to something watched lying in bed wearing pajamas on […]