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Blog Post #5 – Regan Bervar

I haven’t done much more work on my final project since my last blog post on Monday but it helped to have a whole class dedicated to throroughly clearing up any questions and issues. I am a little confused about how Professor Young wants us to make each post and topic. He said that he […]

Blog Post #4 Final Project Entry #1 Regan Bervar

The Final project for me is coming along okay. Not gonna lie, I did not work on it over break but it was really helpful when we worked on it in class. I am not too familiar with wordpress for what we are doing but I have used it before, just not the way that […]

Sound Project Partner Review

http://the.appfurnace.com/app/36324 The app was incredibly confusing to set up for me and it took me quite a while. When I tested my locative media app the first few times it didn’t work because I either had a wrong code number or there was a capital letter in one of my titles. My location is also […]

Regan Bervar Reading Response #5

From last week, I thought that Friedberg had some interesing topics of discussion. He talked about his philosophy of screens as component pieces of architecture. In this sense, he was talking specifically about cars and their windows and for whoever was in front had the windshield and side window as a screen or someone in […]

Regan Bervar Reading Response #4

In Lowood’s reading it was kind of complicated for me to explain but i found his topic of World of Warcraft interesting and his focus on machinima in a game-based storyworld. He talks about the use of ‘cut-scenes’ to help establish the strong story lines. With the use of these cut-scenes, time seems to become […]

Blog Post #3

The locative media project was hard for me because I wasn’t sure what we were supposed to be taking audio of. I get that it needs to be something related to the place that I was taking the audio clips in but I found it confusing and it took me a while to think of […]

Reading Response #3 – Regan Bervar

Erickson talks about the documentary with ephemeral media and curation practices in online social spaces meaning that new online social venues are starting to establish new practices allover. He brings up┬áthe idea of sociolcative which is the practice that combines data about a physical location with a virtual social act. Sociolocative broadcasting practices blend the […]

Reading Response #2 – Regan Bervar

Larkin talks about colonialism and the built space of cinema in Nigeria. I found this article particularly interesting because it is almost nearly exact opposite of our culture. First off, we like to go see new movies in theaters whereas in Nigeria, a majority of the movies are viewed on the street level in windows […]

Regan Bervar – Blog #2

I am finding that I have a harder time now remembering to take pictures and post them at the appropriate time instead of doing 2-3 on one day. I just forget throughout the day that I need to find something relative that I can photograph and post. It’s hard doing it on myself and finding […]

Regan Bervar – Blog #1: Photo-A-Day

The photo-a-day project is definitely not as hard as I expected it to be especially since it is on interesting topics but I do have some struggles with it on some days especially since we have to take a picture of the same topic every single day. I have managed to keep up with almost […]