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Blog Post #5

This week I have been working on my final project portfolio, which consists of building a website to display the work I have done throughout the entire semester. I was excited to learn that the final project would be a website because knowing how to make a website is an interesting skill to have and can be […]

Blog Post #3- Peyton Miller

This week I worked on and completed my Locative Media project. While this project was challenging because it involved learning new things, I really enjoyed it overall and I am happy with my end result. I enjoyed the combination of technology and art making, and found that working pretty much only with sounds and space […]

Reading Response #2- Peyton Miller

For this reading response, I will be discussing the article titled “The Death of the Cyberflâneur” by Evgeny Morozov. In this article, Morozov discusses how, specifically in Paris, there was a trend where people would simply just walk around and explore the ever-changing city. These people, who were known as Flâneurs, would walk around without […]

Reading Response #3- Peyton Miller

This week I will be responding to the article “Remote control, umbilical cord and beyond: The mobile phone as a transitional object” by Rivka Ribak. I found this article to be especially interesting because I had never thought or heard of the idea that cellphones are a transitional object for teenagers. It makes complete sense […]

Peyton Miller- Blog Post #2

This weeks “photo-a-day” theme was “Self Portrait”. I found this theme to be slighter easier than last weeks theme, which was family, but still somewhat difficult to change up the types of pictures I took. I tried to move beyond the selfie, and switch up the shots that were meant to portray me. I sometimes […]

Blog Post #1- Peyton Miller

Taking 7 pictures for the theme of “Family” this week was in many ways easier than I expected it would be. Hearing the theme of “family” I immediately thought it would be extremely difficult to produce 7 pictures because right now my family is across the country (1,739 miles to be exact). This project made […]

Reading Response #1 Peyton Miller

After reading A.O. Scott’s article from The New York Times called “The Screening of America”, I felt a sort of sadness about Scott’s assertion that the original experience of watching movies in a movie theater is fading away. In his article, Scott discusses how the rise of television and online streaming has led people to […]