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Luke Davis Blog #5 part 2 The Final Portfolio

The Final Portfolio is finally done, but I wanted to take the time to reflect on the final product. I was very happy with how the website turned out. It had all the information I learned over the course of the semester. I really like the idea of the final portfolio because I can look […]

Final Project Part 1 Blog #4 Luke Davis

I wanted to focus on what my experience in this class has taught me. The class has been very straightforward but some how the class is finding difficultly with some of these concepts. I find them very intriguing so when I did my project I put a lot of time into thinking of a good […]

Luke Davis’ Review of Zachariah Aguilar’s App

Zachariah Aguilar’s App Review There is so much history on the campus of The University of Colorado. Tupac and Benjamin Franklin made history on this campus. Wait they did? Zach’s app was very creative and told the story of fake history events that happen in the library and UMC. I thought it was genuinely funny […]

Luke Davis Reading Response #4

Territory as Interface Reading Response Media and Location go hand in hand. It is very important where we are when we look at media. Michael Longford’s Territory as Interface is a research analysis paper about the MDCN. The MDCN analyzes the relationship between human beings, urban and wilderness settings, and mobile technologies. The article talks […]

Reading Responce #5 Luke Davis

The Psychological Rhetorical Images by Charles Hill is an interesting literature that analyzes the value of images and how those images can trigger our emotions. More importantly these linked emotions are a part of our reference systems. The information provided by the article also talks about how visuals work to persuade. How artists are able […]

Blog #3 Location Media

The Location Media was my favorite project of the semester. I really wanting to do something story related in my free time and I thought of a really creative way to tell a story with the different location in this project. The idea came up when I was in my Masterpieces in English literature Class […]

Reading Responses #2 Luke Davis

Luke Davis October 7th, 2015 CMDP Replacing Space Reading Responce Replacing Space, by William J. Mitchell, is about Cyberspace. The idea of Cyberspace was first conceived in years before the invention of the internet. William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer mention the idea of a world connected through computers that consisted of Virtual places. Virtual places are interesting […]

Luke Davis Blog #2

Photo-a-Day #3 has initiated some interesting pictures. The theme this week was Self-Portrait. I wanted my pictures to show who I was and show some perspectives I have throughout my day. The first picture I took was my Ron Swanson poster. I wanted to take a Self-Portrait with it because the picture tells something about […]

Blog #1 Photo-a-Day Luke Davis

Luke Davis September 17,2015 The Photo-a-Day assignment has proven to be a very inspiring assignment. The first two weeks’ of Photo-a-Days have been about taking colorful pictures that depicted college life and family. I personally have found difficultly trying to find photos to take of family since my family doesn’t live in boulder with me. […]