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Lilly Moorefield Blog #5

Our final project for this course is to make our own portfolio using WordPress in order to show off all the projects we have completed this semester in CMDP 1400. I was not so intimidated by the idea of the project, because I had to complete something similar to this for the final project for […]

Reading Response #5 Lilly Moorefield

While reading “The Psychology of Rhetorical Images”, I was able to relate to the emotions and assertions as an audience member that most of the researchers were discussing. The article discusses the importance of vividness and presence in order to persuade an audience members thoughts and emotions of a specific element. Professional persuaders, such as […]

Lilly Moorefield- Blog Post #1: Photo-A-Day

The Photo A Day assignment involves us to take a photo every day under the specific theme assigned for the week. So far, the three themes have been college life, family and self-portrait. I have found that some themes are easier to work with than others. That being said, it is not a huge struggle […]

Lillian Moorefield Reading Response #1

While reading “The Screening of America” by A.O. Scott, I was forced to ponder what I believe about the future of the movie industry. Scott discusses his experience while watching a movie on his laptop, as he wears headphones to drown out distractions, but self-imposes his own distractions by checking his email and phone messages. […]