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Locative Media Review of Jessica’s Project

For the Locative Media Project, I was responsible for testing Jessica’s project. She originally was going to have her location by the Norlin quad, but changed it to be in the Environmental design building. I thought this was a very good idea to have the audio be in the same building that we have class […]

Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #5

This project that I will be writing about today is our final project. This project is to create a website using WordPress, the same website that I am using to publish this blog. We are supposed to customize the website and use pictures from our photo-a-day project. Some successes that I am having with this […]

Kimberly Coffin Reading Response #5

In the article “Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking”, Nichols talks about what is right and wrong when creating a documentary. Documentaries are actually not one hundred percent real. We picture them as documenting reality exactly how it is, but that is not the case. Nichols says, “documentaries of social representation are what […]

Kimberly Coffin’s – Locative Media Bonus Blog

Since I have started the Locative Media Project, I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. This project overall had been extremely difficult for me considering what we are doing is not focusing on my strengths. I have never created an app before, so I have not done anything that involved code. Code was […]

Kimberly Coffin Reading Response #4

In “Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visually” by Anne Friedberg, she talks about the relation of architecture and screens. Friedberg shows interest in screens such as TV Screens or any “virtual Window”. She discusses how these “virtual windows” are changing built space. They show a three dimensional space in a flat screen. They also drastically change […]

Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #4

In class this week we were assigned a locative media project. After a few examples and many explanations I am able to say that this project is like a museum audio tour. The only difference is that it has a video as well. You are able to listen to what the person has to say […]

Kimberly Coffin’s Reading Response #3

While reading “Picture this” by Lisa Gye, I began to think more about photography and why we take pictures. In this article, Gye stated that people take pictures to create a personal and group memory. People use photography to make and maintain relationships. When you take pictures, you are capturing the world how you see […]

Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #2

This week I have most definitely noticed a change in my photography. I have noticed better composition. My pictures also look more thoughtful. This weeks topic was hard to come up with ideas. For some of my pictures, the baby pictures on the wall and the picture of me taking a picture, were all taken […]

Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #1

Through out this “Photo a Day” project, I have most definitely seen my pictures change. They vary from one day to another. Each day poses a new and different challenge to try to accomplish. Each day has been very challenging to come up with a completely new and different idea that meets that week’s category. […]