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Blog Post #5 – Jessica Rae

We just finished up our Final Portfolio project presentations and I think it went very well! My website had a nice design to it and the content was solid. The hardest part about creating the content was picking some key critical themes for my photos and final response, but I went with an overarching theme […]

Blog Post #4 – Jess Rae

Right now I am working on the Final Portfolio project and as of today I think I am about half way done with it. I have all the posts made into drafts and most of the writing done. I’m trying to get it done before the weekend so that I can work on other projects […]

Reading Response #3 Jessica Rea

“What happened to our audience?” speaks on the new music technology in the industry and how people, mostly younger people, are now consuming their music media. Explaining how these new ways of listening are causing a decline of people who are listening to the radio. New technologies have decreased the traffic of traditional radio and […]

Reading Response #2 Jessica Rea

“Picture This” by Lisa Gye goes through the invention of the mobile camera phone and the impacts of photography being so accessible to the general public. Personal photos not only bring us back to who we once were but they also remind us of which social groups we used to be in which reinforces our […]

Jessica Rea Blog Post #1

So far I am enjoying the photo – a – day project! It is going to be so interesting to look back at the end of my semester and see what caught my eye everyday. I do post on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook for photos almost daily but I think this project […]

Jessica Rea Reading Responce #1

The Screening of America – A.O. Scott In his writing A.O. Scott speaks on the change of how we view cinema. How instead of watching movies in a theatre he watched It’s a Wonderful Life on his laptop, pausing every now and then to check emails and blogs to keep his mind busy.┬áThe evolution on […]