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Blog Post #4 Jackson Landis

As the semester reaches its end, it’s scary to look back and think about how quickly it felt like it went by. Throughout this semester, I have learned so many fascinating and useful things, not only about my major, but about myself. I do have to say though, some of the things that i’ve learned […]

Blog Post #2 Jackson Landis

Out of all the projects that we have done this year, I would have to say that my favorite one was the “How to Vine” project. I really enjoyed this project because it was fun yet challenging to try and create a six second how to video. The how to video idea I went with […]

Reading Response #5 Jackson Landis

In Nichol’s article “Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking”, it talks about the believability of documentaries and how the ethics of some documentarians are vastly different from others. In this day and age, with the tech we have to edit footage, its very easy to take things that people have said and change […]

Reading Response #4 Jackson Landis

In Longford’s article “Territory as Interface”, he talks about space and how it can affect media that is presented in it very differently from place to place. With increased mobility of media, more spaces can have access to media, some of which never being able to do this in the past. Mobile media is a […]

Reading Response #3 Jackson Landis

In the article “What Happened to our Audience? Radio and New technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users” it talks about radio and how like many things, it’s had to change and adapt to keep up with the changing times. From the 1950’s, the radio has undergone a complete remodel. Back in the day, […]

Reading Response #2 Jackson Landis

In Morozov’s article ” The Death of the Cyberflaneur”, he talks about how the early years of the internet were similar to the pre- industrialized era when people could go to an unknown location and flaneur around, discovering new things. The same could be said about early pioneers of the internet when they would connect […]

Blog Post #2 Jackson Landis

We just finished¬†the second week of the photo a day project and ¬†I must say, I have not been better about taking my photos everyday… This week’s prompt was “Self Portrait”. I felt this prompt was interesting, but wasn’t as cool as last week’s prompt. Family was cool to do because it really made you […]

Blog post #1 Jackson Landis

This week we have started our photo a day project. The first theme was “Family”. I think this was a really interesting topic to start the project with and I was very curious to see what kind of photos people took. The reason I say this is because we have just started college and our […]

Jackson Landis Reading Response #1 A.O Scott

This week I read A.O Scott’s New York Times article “The Screening of America”. In the article, Scott talks about how the public views media, more specifically movies, in a much different fashion than we used to. An example he uses is how he watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” at home on his laptop, which […]