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Blog post #5 – Evan Rosen

The final portfolio, now being done with it was probably my favorite assignment. I enjoyed many things about it, I really had to think about every assignment we did this year and somehow connect our photo-a-days to readings. I enjoyed doing this because it really made my brain open up and think deeper than I […]

BLOG POST #4 – Evan Rosen

For my final project portfolio I have made some progress but not as much progress as I would like to have made by this point. I decided for my intro that the best picture from my self-portrait week is the picture of me DJing on the field, it took me around 30 minutes to make […]


This week I read “Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences”, an article written by Michael Longford of Concordia University. Early in the article we learn about The Mobile Digital Commons Network, also known as the MDCN and how it is a collaborative research network launched in 2004 by a institute that is a part […]

Review Locative Media

After realizing what I was supposed to do for this project I thoroughly enjoyed the project and everything we got to learn! My partner for the locative media project was Will Mclure. Will’s application worked surprisingly very well! I say surprisingly because it took me around twenty minutes to finally figure mine out and get […]

Evan Rosen – Locative Media App

The locative media project was one of the most frustrating assignments I have ever done! It definitely was not the most challenging assignment I have ever done, but because you needed perfection my frustration levels reached new heights! I had trouble figuring out what the final version of this assignment was supposed to be. I […]


This week I read a passage from Bill Nichols’, “Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking”. Nichols first describes the two types of films that there are. He explains how there can be documentaries of wish-fulfillment, and there can also be documentaries of social representations. The two types both tell stories, but the stories […]

Blog #3 – Evan Rosen

Locative Media I have made some progress with this assignment. I have a little idea of what I want to do, but I am still very confused on what exactly is supposed to be done for this assignment. I say this because there are instructions on what to do but there are not instructions on […]

Reading Response #3 by Evan Rosen

Reading Response #3 I did my third reading response on an article called “Picture This” by Lise Gye. The article focuses on the role camera phones play on people who have  photographic practices. Gye quickly runs over the social uses of personal photography, and then goes on to talk about creating and maintaining social relationships. […]


This week I read an excerpt from chapter 6 of William J. Mitchell’s book, The Digital Dialect. Mitchell describes Cyberspace and everything that has to do with it. Mitchell then goes on to describe the next section of the chapter and calls it “Worlds of Words”, Mitchell discusses chat rooms and all the different types […]

Evan Rosen Blog Post #2

I am struggling to remember to put pictures up everyday. I found myself posting two pictures a day sometimes even three. I set an alarm for 6 o’clock everyday with the label “photo-a-day”, to remind me, hopefully I will be on it with the alarm! The photo a day theme this week was “selfie” or […]