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Pedro Bachrach App Review

For the Locative Media Assignment, I thought my partner, Regan’s app did a very good job at completing what was required for the assignment. In terms of the layout and look of the app, I really liked the clean red and white look of the interface. It was easy to understand and complied with the […]

Reading Response #5

This week I read the Nichols reading, Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking. I strongly agree with the points he makes about the believability of documentaries and the ethical issues that arise from having this sort of representative power over a culture. I think of the movie Gasland made by documentarian Josh Fox as a good example […]

Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #4

This week I read Micheal Longford’s article Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences. While I did agree with a few points that he made, for the most part, I found the article to take itself a little too seriously. The reading is worded in a way, full of big, obscure statements such as “a […]

Pedro Bachrach Blog Post #4

The locative media project took me a while to figure out, but once I understood the idea and what the finished assignment would be, I became very interested. At first, especially since I missed the introductory class, I had trouble visualizing what the finished product would be, and was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of […]

Pedro Bachrach Blog Post #3

This week we have been working on our locative media projects. I originally thought the recording of audio would be the hardest aspect of the assignment, but I have found that the recording process and working with the sound tools we have was the simplest and most intuitive piece to this assignment. Having dealt with […]

Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #3

I agreed with a few points in Alan Albarran’s article, What Happened to Our Audience, but for the most part disagreed with some of his conclusions as a result of his study of people’s radio vs. mp3 listening habits. I agree with Albarran’s statement that the majority of people consider radio as their preferred second listening choice, […]

Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #2

I agree with many of the points brought up in the Lisa Gye “Picture This: Impact of mobile camera phones on personal photographic practices” reading. I agree that mobile phones and the current technology trends greatly effect how we understand the world, as well as ourselves. I do not see it from such a hopeful […]

Pedro Bachrach Blog Post #2

The photo-a-day theme for week 3 was the “self portrait”, and this has been my favorite theme so far. While each post requires a little introspection, I have found it fairly easy to express my identity through images of my prized possessions or past accomplishments. I though the distinction to think about who we are […]

Pedro Bachrach Blog Post #1

I have been enjoying the “photo-a-day” assignment this past week and a half. I am half way through week 2’s “family” theme, and  while I am happy with my posts so far, I am finding this weeks theme slightly harder to capture than the “dorm/college life” theme from week 1. As I am originally from […]

Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #1

In A.O. Scott’s New York Times article “The Screening of America”, he talks about the potential “death of cinema” due to the wide range of new mediums we can watch and absorb media from. While it may seem like an extreme idea that the laptop, iPad, or other home entertainment system can have such a big effect […]