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Blog post #4 locative media – Dylan James

My locative media project turned out really well I think all of the clips are very clean clear audio, and they sound really good considering I recorded using the iPad. However when both me and when Dohee tested the app there was one area which did not seem to work. Although this area worked on the […]

reading response #5 – Dylan James

Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking, This is the reading which we are doing currently. it covers ethical issues with documentary filmmaking specifically highlighting problems with film makers bending the truth in order to put across there views and opinions. This is a massive ethical issue as many of the people who get misrepresented when […]

Locative media project review Dylan James

I reviewed Dohee’s Locative media project. Within her project there were four zones two stories and two Atmospheres. I have tried several times to get the stories to work however I could not. This is most likely a problem with my IPad rather than a problem with Dohee’s project as she said that it worked for her […]

Blog post #3 locative media – Dylan James

I was really kind of confused at first as to what we were doing for the locative media project. Actually it really wasn’t until I had the finished product that I felt I had any idea what I was doing, but in the end it turned out great. I had a lot of fun recording […]

Dylan James blog post photo a day #2

As I said in my previous post I expected the family theme to be difficult. I was right. While I was taking photos for the family theme I very much struggled for ideas simply because I had no access to my family and I had no idea what to do. In the end I used […]

Dylan Thomas Blog post photo a day #1

As we have just finished up the first theme for the photo a day project a I have to say I have enjoyed it. However as we move forward into the next theme of family I am having serious trouble thinking of anything that I could photograph that related to that theme. Right know I […]

Dylan James – Reading response #1 (Berger)

I recently read chapter one of Berger’s “Ways Of Seeing”. In this chapter Berger explores the ways in which different people may view the same thing differently. As well as this he explores how certain technology in particular cameras have changed our view of the world taking a focus on art. This focus on art is the […]