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Dohee Kim – Blog #5 (Final Project Entry #2)

I am currently in the midst of working on our very last project, final portfolio. So far, I’ve picked several photos for the project, and I also came up with some ideas for the explanation of each photo. I also have been trying out various things to my WordPress blog; I tried changing themes few times, […]

Dohee Kim – Blog #4 (Final Portfolio #1)

As we are getting close to our final week, we’ve started our very last project: final portfolio. My project has been initiated, but I still have a lot of work to do. I started out by creating a wordpress account and creating my website, as it said to on the How-to instructions. I named my website […]

Locative Media Project – Dohee Kim

My partner was Dylan, and I went to his dorm(the Hallett hall) to try out his Locative Media project. At first, the app was woking really well and smoothly, however, as I approached the spot where the sound transition was supposed to happen, the app all of a sudden stopped playing the track and went […]

Dohee Kim – Bonus Photo-A-Day Blog

This week’s photo-a-day theme was “people panorama”, and we were supposed to select different public spaces that are not on campus with a number of people and shoot panorama shots. I have made a considerable amount of progress so far, meaning that I have taken quite a lot of pictures. However, due to my workload, […]

Donee Kim – Reading Response #5

In Longford’s article “Territory as Interface”, he talks about the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN). The MDCN is a “national collaborative research network” launched in 2004 by the Banff New Media Institute and Concordia University; it digs into the connections between human beings, urban and wilderness settings, and mobile technologies. The MDCN produces various projects […]

Dohee Kim – Reading Response #4

In Peter Lunenfeld’s essay “The Real and Ideal and Unfinished Business”, he talks about virtual realism and the ideal of the digital and the real of its production such as digital movies, CD-ROMs, hypertexts, Web sites, and intelligent architectures. There were three parts of the essay: “Unfinished Spaces”, “Unfinished Stories”, and “Unfinished Time”. In the […]

Dohee Kim – Blog #4

Since Professor Young was kind enough to move back the due date for the Locative Media project, we had extra time this week to work on our project; however, I was still struggling with the project in some ways. First of all, even though I found most of the soundtracks I needed for my project, I had […]

Dohee Kim – Blog #3

This week we had to work on our Locative Media project, and I’ve had several problems during the process. We had to create 4 soundtracks this week, two of them being speaking and descriptive voice and the other two being ambient. However, I had problems creating the soundtracks; I had hard time coming up with […]

Dohee Kim – Reading Response #3

In Lisa Gye’s article “Picture This”, she talks about the impact of mobile camera phones. As camera phones improve and become more accessible, people take pictures more often in their daily lives. During the article, Gye explains how people these days take pictures and share them with other people to not only capture the memory […]

Dohee Kim – Reading Response #2

This week I read Evgeny Morozov’s article “The Death of the Cyberflaneur”. In this article, he talks about how cyberflaneurs are no longer able to exist. Nowadays people see the Internet as a place for getting things done rather than for “strolling” because they can easily have access to mobile applications. Morozov specifically talks about […]