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Blog #4- Danielle Brown

I’m not going to lie, this week’s photo a day was completed in less than 48 hours. The whole “taking pictures on the go” theory was awesome at first but unless I reminded myself several times or wrote “take pictures” on my hand there was no way I would have remembered. Going out to specifically take […]

Reading Response #5- Danielle Brown

This past week we read a piece from Caldwell. I’d like to start off this reading response by analyzing a quote from him: “the television and media industries are defined by a Darwinian imperative to survive by gaining advantage and market share over rivals and competitors in a given market sector” (167). Darwin discusses natural selection […]

Reading Response #4- Danielle Brown

Last week we read an article from Barbara McCarthy. In this we see McCarthy discussing what Mark Faller says: that the television is just another appliance like the microwave and that like the microwave it should be regulated. The main two questions are “does it work” and “is it safe”. A TV is like a […]

Reading Response #2- Danielle Brown

The death of the Cyberflâneur is about how the movement of people browsing the Internet has dissipated. Flâneurism was relevant when someone wants to wander around for a cultural experience. It is a form of identity, and finding yourself. Morozov tells us that the internet is like a grocery store; People go in to buy […]

Reading Response #3- Danielle Brown

After reading “What Happened to our Audience?” Radio and New Technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users”, it’s apparent that the concept of radio has changed drastically over time. The radio from the 1950’s is not the same as the radio of today. Ages ago listening to a radio show would be an event; Everyone would gather […]

Blog Post- #3 – Danielle Brown

So, last week we started the locative media project. So far we are off to a horrid start; not only could I do nothing… but I could not even sign into the program. We could not even figure out what I was doing wrong. How could the program work for half of the class perfectly […]

Blog #2- Danielle Brown

The theme this week was harder. Not only does the ISO have to be on point, and the shutter speed perfect but now YOU have to look ‘decent’ in the photos. Thank goodness for self timers. My favorite post used a self timer. There was a slightly ajar door that lead to a bathroom. All […]

Blog Post #1- Danielle Brown- Photo a day #1

For the first week of photos the theme was family. Some of my pictures were an abstract theme of family while others were literal. Because my father is the XO of the Naval ROTC program here on our lovely campus, my sweet family now lives 20 minutes away in Arvada, Colorado. My second picture features […]

Reading Response #1- Danielle Brown

In the Berger reading, “Ways of Seeing”, it is mentioned that humans are like backward lighthouses, instead of light traveling out, appearances are traveling in. The appearances or images that are created are “documentary evidence”, and are displaced from time and place. A replica of a creation can be a picture, a memory, or a […]