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Blog Post #5 – Final Portfolio

The final project is putting a decent amount of stress on me. I have yet to really sit down and fully focus on and crank out the assignment. It is not the website itself that I am worried about because I have worked a decent amount with WordPress and can probably have it all setup […]

Ben Hoban – Reading Response 3

The readings for this week were very interesting to me being an avid video game player. In Nitsche’s Warcraft Adventures reading he mentions the idea of machinima. It was interesting to see all of the different things that he said fall under the definition of machinima. I was familiar with machinima before hand and I […]

Ben Hoban – Reading Response 2

In Morozov’s article about cyberflânuerism, Morozov discusses how the early days of the internet were similar to pre-industrialization era flânuerism where people would wander around areas they did not know. They would just wander around and no one would know who they were. The internet was like this early on when people were connecting on […]

Ben Hoban – Reading Response 3

In the Lisa Gye reading about the impacts of the camera phone she presents the many social impacts of photography and how the phone has effected them. One of the impacts is that the portability and availability of the camera phone. At a moments notice we can have it out and ready to record or […]

Ben Hoban – Blog Post – Locative Media Project

The locative media project we have been assigned is interesting. I have not done a whole lot of work beyond conceptual ideas because of the technical difficulties had in the lab last week. I have a few ideas of combining nature with certain areas of nature with certain songs I know, but I am not […]

Ben Hoban – Blog Post 2 – Photo A Day Week 2

Again I am struggling with photography this week. I don’t think about taking pictures while I am out and about on campus and it is hurting my overall numbers of pictures. The hinderance of this week theme is that I am one of those people that hates pictures of themselves. My favorite picture from this week […]

Ben Hoban – Blog Post 1 – Photo A Day Week 1

I have had many issues with the first week of the Photo A Day assignment. It has nothing to do with the fact that we are shooting pictures on an iPad, the biggest issue stems from the fact that I am simply not a photographer. The only subject I have ever successfully shot good pictures […]

Ben Hoban – Reading Response 1

AO Scott’s Screening of America article talks about how the world is moving beyond going to movie theaters and more towards digital distribution. The question for me is if that is the case, why hasn’t it happened yet? There are so many options for instant digital distribution for movies and television shows through services like […]