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Blog Post #5

After putting substantial work on my final portfolio, it has been a truly amazing to watch my progression in the course. Just a simple emphasis on some of the critical themes was pivotal to the way I approached my photography. My favorite part was picking the photos to illustrate how my eye developed over the […]

Blog Post #4

This weeks project is the final project portfolio. Personally, I have not made as much progress on this assignment as I would have liked to at this point. However, after about 40 minutes of on and off contemplation I found the self-portrait that represents me best. I believe that it is my photo with my […]

Writing Response #5

This week I read Anne Friedberg’s article on the relationship between automobile’s and cinema. Friedberg explains the driving serves as a way to be a flâneur, with the windshield serving as “framing device”. They are both similar in that they serve as mobile spectatorship, both in reality and virtually. With movies, the theater served as […]

Reading Response #4

This week I decided to write about Nitsche’s article ‘An Excursion into Machinima’. Machinima is a technique used to create media/cinema from video game engines. Generally, these game engines are 3-D and occur in real time. Surprisingly, Machinima has many styles whether it is live, post-produced, or something entirely new. Machinima began in the 1980’s […]

Writing Response #2

Evgeny Morozov’s “The Death of the Cyberfláneur” was an interesting read, especially in relation to my life experiences. In the article, Morozov elaborates on the transformation of the Internet. Specifically, a place no longer responsible for browsing or “surfing” the web. Morozov explains that traditionally, flâneurs were people who would take in the environment, strolling […]

Reading Response #3

Lisa Gye’s article on how mobile camera phones have impacted personal photographic practices is an extremely enlightening read. It sheds insight into the photographic practices that most people don’t even take the time to acknowledge. In the article, Gye elaborates on how camera phones serve two essential purposes, “extending existing personal imaging practices and allowing for […]

Blog Post #3

This week, we began working on the locative media assignment. Immediately, I encountered personal problems when trying to perform this assignment. It began at the lab, where my row of computers was unable to sign in. Therefore, my row had trouble keeping up with the interactive how-to Mr. Gerlach was giving the class. After failed […]

Blog Post #2

This week’s theme for the Photo-A-Day project was the “self-portraits”. After hearing Mr. Gerlach’s input on the majority of the class’s photos from last week, I realized that I could resume what I was doing because I had not used flash in any of my photos. At first, this week’s topic was definitely harder to […]

Blog Post #1 – Ali Tannir

This project has been a really cool way to implement / incorporate some of the information we have been taught in lecture. Every day, I thought deeply about what kind of photo I should take – considering what family means to me. In a place where my immediate family is 837 miles away in Santa […]

Writing Response #1 (A.O Scott) – Ali Tannir

A.O Scott’s “The Screening of America” spoke to me on many different levels. It highlighted how a medium like cinema can evolve, constantly morphing throughout its lifetime. When cinema was introduced to mainstream audiences, the theater became a central hub. Day in and day out the theater would be packed with people. Eventually, television would […]