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Blog post #3

While building the final portfolio project I came across some realizations about our media landscape and was able to find ways to provide concrete evidence. I made the broad statement that online social space is democratic even though some of the most powerful people on the internet are widely disliked. The example I used on […]

Reading response #5 People panos

In taking the people pano pictures this week I noticed that as I move off campus to take the photos, people respond differently to me taking photos than people on campus. Away from campus, people seem more suspicious of what I am taking pictures of and why. In past photo projects when I am shooting […]

Reading response 4 A new picture

Last week’s reading, an article by Charles A. Hill, The Philosophy of Rhetorical Images, is a discussion of how images associated with content impact the thoughts and potentially even actions of the viewer. Hill is arguing in this article that images associated with content alter the meaning and effect of the content it is juxtaposed […]

Building the locative media app Blog #4

As a media creator, I found that this exercise allowed for very little creativity. The project seemed to be a test of how well we could follow directions. Although we had to learn how to use the software, this project did not give me the opportunity to apply what I have learned or my creativity. […]

Machinima: The art of game

The use of video game engines to make entertainment pieces using traditional cinematic language is not new to the world of gaming or content creating. Some of the first examples of this was in early arcade games. This format, called machinima, is what you see when you walk up to an arcade game before you […]

Carrigan and White response

Carrigan and White explore the history, purpose, and presentation of experimental film. They talk about the use of form to express emotions or ideas rather than narrative or script. Some of the techniques mentioned include intertitles that hint at an idea without divulging the whole idea and color images among black and white film to […]

Blog post 2 Vine

This assignment seemed pretty easy when it was assigned, but when I started to make my Vine I realized there would be a lot more to making a Vine than just six seconds of video. The first challenge was coming up with an idea for content that would be interesting yet unique. To get inspired […]

Reading response #3

In last week’s reading about the transition from terrestrial radio to other forms of audio consumption, Albarran, and others, explore why a new generation of listeners tend not to tune into an AM or FM station. More frequently the population of 18-25-year-olds, the subjects for this study, are turning to other forms of listening media: […]