Blog Post #5

After putting substantial work on my final portfolio, it has been a truly amazing to watch my progression in the course. Just a simple emphasis on some of the critical themes was pivotal to the way I approached my photography. My favorite part was picking the photos to illustrate how my eye developed over the course. In many aspects, it had significantly improved. Lighting, framing, timing, and composition being the main focuses.

One of the easiest things for me, personally, was finding a photo to represent me. I ended up settling for my selfie in the Los Angeles lakers jersey. The selection of attire really spoke to me and helped others help to identify me.

One of the harder things was definitely finding photos to illustrate key critical themes. When I chose my themes I wanted to have topics that covered media itself and then media culture. This is what led me to choose acceptable public discourse as one of the themes. This topic was extremely interesting to me, and I believe it showed in my writing and photo selection. The other two themes I chose: the rule of thirds and lighting. I immediately knew that I would choose lighting as one of my themes as the photo I used blatantly spoke to me in that element. Surprisingly, it was also very easy to reflect and relate on my locative media and vine projects to the class’ content. The questions asked prompted me to have more material and inspiration to show in my final thoughts.