The Real Blog 5 Sam Cast

This week we are continuing to work on our online portfolios. I’m happy to say I’ve made lots of progress since I last wrote about this. My website is coming along nicely, I have finished almost all my write ups and just have to do the very last paragraph. I have built a website with all the pages ready for text, they also have photos. I also made the 3 theme images myself in photoshop, I will attach one here. I love graphic design so it was nice to do. This relates to class via the idea of new media, portfolio’s are a very important tool of new media that functions well in the working world, increasing our chances to get a job. It also allows us to present our work in any format we want, obviously it has to be a website, but we can frame or shape the way our audience views what we make. As far as issues that I’m struggling with in making my project WordPress still seems to be a very clunky technology for me. It could be just because I don’t know how to use it well yet, and I have to learn. While I’m sure that’s part of it, I can’t seem to remove the excessive menus or anything which is slightly frustrating. Either way the project is still going pretty well for me so far. I’m very excited to see how good I can make the final product look. I also hope to learn some web design techniques along the way.