Blog Post #5

This week I have been working on my final project portfolio, which consists of building a website to display the work I have done throughout the entire semester. I was excited to learn that the final project would be a website because knowing how to make a website is an interesting skill to have and can be very applicable in the real world. So far, the task of building a website has been more challenging than I expected- both creatively and functionally. I have found that it just takes some time messing around with the website to get the hang of it. The videos have also been very helpful.

I’m still deciding what I want the exact aesthetic of my website to be. I have changed the design several times, and have also found that changing the look can also mean changing how it functions. So the challenge so far has been to find a design that both looks good and functions well with the point of the whole website. As challenging as word press can sometimes be, it seems significantly easier to use than starting from scratch when building a website. It does make me wonder how people  build websites without any sort of assistance from another site. This project also reminds me of when I was younger and my friends would build Tumblr pages. I never made one myself but I know they would learn different codes online to change the look of their Tumblr page, which is a really cool thing to learn how to do.