Blog Post #5 Wakako Hirano

In this week, I had taken People Panorama photos as a Photo a day assignment. Actually, for me taking panorama photos was relatively difficult because people I wanted to capture kept moving in my camera eyes and that made my photos look disorganized while I considered the perspective or lights and started taking pictures. Moreover, iPad was heavier than I expected and I had a difficulty in holding it in the right way. At first, I tried to take a picture of people on the street but I realized that I had to do it slowly to make it correct composition and do it faster to shoot all people clearly in the picture. On the other hand, I think panorama photo can show the world in a different way from ordinary pictures because in panorama photo the objects in the very right side and left side look bigger and the center subject looks smaller like people’s eye itself. When I take a panorama photo, I keep holding iPad and try not to move except turning my hands and head from left to right. People look at a panorama photo in the same way; we see a panorama photo from one side to the other side and that makes us follow the same experience as the photographer as if we are in the same place as the picture. In this course, we discussed first person’s view in a fighting game. I think this assignment relates to it because it forces us to think about the relationship between your camera view and the world surrounding you.