Blog Post #5 – Final Portfolio

The final project is putting a decent amount of stress on me. I have yet to really sit down and fully focus on and crank out the assignment. It is not the website itself that I am worried about because I have worked a decent amount with WordPress and can probably have it all setup in around 30 minutes; the real stress I am having is balancing out my time. I have final projects in almost every class and then final exams on top of that. I should have budgeted my time better earlier on, but now I am stuck the situation I created myself and this is how I feel right now trying to budget out all of my assignments, projects, and finals.

As for the progress on the project, I have picked out many of the components I am going to use for each section and have thought a decent amount about how I want to write about each of them, I just haven’t actually written it. I have also thought about my answers for the final questions. I did not really know what to expect from this class when I signed up for it, but looking back it was probably my favorite class for the semester because I just found every subject we covered was able to introduce me to a new way of looking at specific kinds of media, even things I thought I knew a lot about like machinima. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone even remotely interested in the different forms of media and media making.