Blog post 4- Sam Cast

At this point in the class we are working on the locative media project. Something that I find veyr cool and interesting as a concept but I am a little intimidated by what the process of completing it will be. Right now I am in the planning phase for my project. My idea is to take a video game that I loved and played for hours on end, Skyrim, and have a person walk though two of it’s environments.Transitioning from a calming outside world walk, with maybe sounds of carts and things heard outside, into a small city white run where npc’s will say their dialogue to you as you walk around just like they would in game. Here’s the outside soundtrack (minus my added noise): and here’s an example of a walk through Whiterun: . It took me up until today to come up with my idea for this project, but I’m really proud of it and excited to execute it so it works in real life. I also think it will be cool to putt somebody in an environment that will allow them to create there on fantasy instead of forcing a story on them.

It relates heavily to class because of walk we have spoken about to do with locative media as well aqs remix9ng. I’m am creating a sound garden which is a version of locative media, but am also remixing by taking from something I  love a re-purposing it for a new kind of experience.