Blog Post #4 Jackson Landis

As the semester reaches its end, it’s scary to look back and think about how quickly it felt like it went by. Throughout this semester, I have learned so many fascinating and useful things, not only about my major, but about myself. I do have to say though, some of the things that i’ve learned about myself, while they may be important, I’m no too particularly proud of them… Starting with what I’ve learned specifically in this class, I’ve learned so much about useful information about my field of study, media production. Alongside the number of awesome production projects we’ve done, I’ve learned about all different platforms of media and how much media itself has changed ¬†along with how media has changed the world around us. We’ve learned about photography and sound and camera angles, (stuff that all relates heavily to what I want to do in the future which is filmmaking).

Now to what this semester has taught me about myself. The main thing that it has taught me is that I have a lot of work to do in changing myself into a better student. Honestly, coming into college, at first I thought I was totally ready to face the challenges of the next step of schooling, but after literally almost failing this class from just not doing my work, I’ve realized that college is nothing like high school and that you actually have to put in work to not only do well in college, but to not fail out of college. With winter break only two weeks away, hopefully I can 1. get out of this semester without failing any classes and 2. spend some time reflecting on the errors I made this semester and work on fixing them so I can do better next semester. Out of all of the classes that I took this semester, even though I have done poorly in this class, I have to say that this has been one of if not my most enjoyed class and I will not forget the important lessons it has taught me about media and about myself.