Blog post #3

While building the final portfolio project I came across some realizations about our media landscape and was able to find ways to provide concrete evidence. I made the broad statement that online social space is democratic even though some of the most powerful people on the internet are widely disliked. The example I used on my website was Tomi Lohren and her rants.

The reason I used this example is because it is current and addresses an issue that the online community is very polarized about. I purposefully chose a controversial topic, just as Lohren, because in the online world the conversation stops when everybody agrees. If I present a topic people disagree on the conversation will continue and the ideas I present will be considered and important.

As creators in the online world, we have to consider how our media will interact with the media that is already out there and what kind of new media it will inspire. If we cannot connect our content to content people already care about allows us to piggyback on other creators ultimately allowing us to have an audience that is already built and interested.

As participants in the online social world, often we find that we disagree with or are offended by much of the content we consume. I propose that instead of calling it stupid and ranting in response, we ought to promote the content we find valuable. If you were to face a situation like this in the physical world you would present your ideas to combat opposing ideas instead of simply pointing out that you disagree.