Blog Post #2 Jackson Landis

Out of all the projects that we have done this year, I would have to say that my favorite one was the “How to Vine” project. I really enjoyed this project because it was fun yet challenging to try and create a six second how to video. The how to video idea I went with was “How to Ramen.” Like the name implies, I showed how to make a package of ramen in just six seconds. While it doesn’t actually show you how to make ramen, it is a silly portrayals of it. I must say though, ever since hearing about the project, I had that idea in my head and new that it was want i wanted to make a video about, but wow was it a lot harder to make the video than I thought it was going to be.

First off, I was not expecting how many takes it took to get to my final product. I must have done about 10 takes to try and get it right. The first like five, I just couldn’t get what I wanted shown in six seconds, so because of that I kept having to get rid of things until it was short enough. One big problem I had was that I almost broke my dorm room microwave while making the vine. In one part, i take and throw a pack of ramen in the microwave and then start randomly jabbing buttons to “try and make it start.” The first couple of times of jabbing, the microwave didn’t start, which was what I wanted, but on actually the final take, after jabbing the buttons, the microwave started with the ramen packet inside. It only ran for about a second, but it was enough time to zap the seasoning packet inside the ramen and melt the plastic wrapping to it. Thankfully I got the Vine I envisioned, and without breaking the microwave.