Blog Post #5

After putting substantial work on my final portfolio, it has been a truly amazing to watch my progression in the course. Just a simple emphasis on some of the critical themes was pivotal to the way I approached my photography. My favorite part was picking the photos to illustrate how my eye developed over the […]

Blog post 4- Sam Cast

At this point in the class we are working on the locative media project. Something that I find veyr cool and interesting as a concept but I am a little intimidated by what the process of completing it will be. Right now I am in the planning phase for my project. My idea is to […]

Owen Swallow – Reading Response V – Nichols

I found this reading entitled “Why Are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?” to be a very insightful read. One of the first, and in my opinion the most interesting, take away from this chapter was Nichols point about ‘all films being documentaries’. This was a point of view I hadn’t really considered but after […]

The Real Blog 5 Sam Cast

This week we are continuing to work on our online portfolios. I’m happy to say I’ve made lots of progress since I last wrote about this. My website is coming along nicely, I have finished almost all my write ups and just have to do the very last paragraph. I have built a website with […]

Blog Post #5 – Final Portfolio

The final project is putting a decent amount of stress on me. I have yet to really sit down and fully focus on and crank out the assignment. It is not the website itself that I am worried about because I have worked a decent amount with WordPress and can probably have it all setup […]

Blog Post #5

This week I have been working on my final project portfolio, which consists of building a website to display the work I have done throughout the entire semester. I was excited to learn that the final project would be a website because¬†knowing¬†how to make a website is an interesting skill to have and can be […]

Blog post #3

While building the final portfolio project I came across some realizations about our media landscape and was able to find ways to provide concrete evidence. I made the broad statement that online social space is democratic even though some of the most powerful people on the internet are widely disliked. The example I used on […]

Blog Post #5 Wakako Hirano

In this week, I had taken People Panorama photos as a Photo a day assignment. Actually, for me taking panorama photos was relatively difficult because people I wanted to capture kept moving in my camera eyes and that made my photos look disorganized while I considered the perspective or lights and started taking pictures. Moreover, […]

Blog Post #4 Jackson Landis

As the semester reaches its end, it’s scary to look back and think about how quickly it felt like it went by. Throughout this semester, I have learned so many fascinating and useful things, not only about my major, but about myself. I do have to say though, some of the things that i’ve learned […]

Blog Post #2 Jackson Landis

Out of all the projects that we have done this year, I would have to say that my favorite one was the “How to Vine” project. I really enjoyed this project because it was fun yet challenging to try and create a six second how to video. The how to video idea I went with […]