Reading Response #4- Danielle Brown

Last week we read an article from Barbara McCarthy. In this we see McCarthy discussing what Mark Faller says: that the television is just another appliance like the microwave and that like the microwave it should be regulated. The main two questions are “does it work” and “is it safe”. A TV is like a microwave in the way that the way we regulate what goes in a microwave is similar to what we show on TV. There are many guidelines such as specific “popcorn” buttons and many obvious channels on TV on what we watch. Similarly one can put a bar of soap in the microwave while hooking up their Ipad to the TV to watch their own movies that they made with an iPhone. “Who has the power to regulate/ monitor media” reminds me of the question “who has the power to play God”? Why does the government get to decide who lives and who dies (the death penalty) and who says the government gets to decide what we see on TV (North Korea) . These questions were spurred inside me during the reading. With regulation of television, who has the power? Do the major TV corporations,┬ásuch as Disney, have a monopoly on┬áprograms get to control what we citizens see? Can this become a democracy? Is it already a democracy? If our TV situation already is a democracy, is it because we watch what we want to watch as viewers? These are all questions that I felt pertained to the reading in a psychological manor.