Blog #4- Danielle Brown

I’m not going to lie, this week’s photo a day was completedĀ in less than 48 hours. The whole “taking pictures on the go” theory was awesome at first but unless I reminded myself several times or wrote “take pictures” on my hand there was no way I would have remembered. Going out to specifically take pictures turned into the better option.

The result of this decision was taking the time to travel off campus (take the bus to Pearl Street) to take pictures of semi-crowded areas, for example a smoke shop or a book store. Unfortunately, I picked a day when the weather was bad and it was really cold. A con of this was that not a lot of people were outside on Pearl, however, a pro of this was that the cloud covering and snow made for perfect lighting and scenery.

Taking people you don’t know’s picture is the most awkward thing ever. If they notice that you’re holding an iPad with the camera pointed at them, they will continue to stare at the camera and ruin the damn picture. If they become concerned with what you’re doing and what you’re documenting then you have to explain yourself and that just takes time an effort that you could have been using to get your creative juices flowing to take more pictures. The best case scenario is that you take your iPad into somewhere like Starbucks and as subtle as you can, take a picture of everyone in there, make it awkward for 10-20 seconds and then leave.

My favorite thing about the panoramas is that they can distort your image in an extremely unnatural way. I ended up using this technique in several of my photos. The enlongated body of a woman walking by is an aesthetic I definitely took the opportunity to reveal.

This is how I felt when I was taking pictures.