Ben Hoban – Reading Response 3

The readings for this week were very interesting to me being an avid video game player. In Nitsche’s Warcraft Adventures reading he mentions the idea of machinima. It was interesting to see all of the different things that he said fall under the definition of machinima. I was familiar with machinima before hand and I have actually been a fan of Red vs Blue for a long time, but I did not realize that usage of video games in another property can also be considered machinima. The example from class was the way South Park used in-game footage from World of Warcraft in the episode Make Love Not Warcraft to tell a story of the show’s characters playing the game. Before these readings and this class, I would have not thought of this usage of a video game to be considered machinima.

To flip around and go back to Red vs Blue, an example used in Nitsche’s article and in class, it has lasted as long as it has because the show’s creators at RoosterTeeth studios have kept the show diverse. They not only sell merchandise around the show, but the production has evolved beyond just basic machinima. Early on they used crude effects to drop in elements from the game into places they did not actually exist in the game to now where they have a full time animation staff that work to produce captivating fight sequences, like this and this, entirely separate from the game engine. The question is, if these sequence are entirely out of the game engine, are they still machinima?