Ben Hoban – Blog Post 4 – Final Portfolio/Photo-A-Day Final Week

The final project is one that I think is very interesting. I have begun to plan out what I will use from this semester to put into the final portfolio. The WordPress system is one that I am fairly familiar with and it should not take too long to design a decent looking web page for the presentation of my final project. I think there are a few decent photo-a-day pictures I can use to show some of the themes of the weeks. I also plan on using the tools of WordPress to try and make the final portfolio website look as aesthetically pleasing as I can. The challenge of the final portfolio is going to be making the choices of projects and images I want to use from the class I choose to represent in my portfolio. The most time consuming part will probably be writing all of the brief descriptions. Though they are brief when they get added up it can be a lot of writing.

As for this week’s photo-a-day, I completely failed, panoramic photos on the iPad are extremely difficult because I have very unstable hands. Also finding the opportunity to take a panoramic photo of people on campus is also very difficult because if people are moving it can look very strange in an image. For those reasons and a decent level of forgetfulness, I did not have any images for this weeks theme and cannot speak too much to how the process of taking panoramic photos went in the context of the project.