Reading Response #2- Danielle Brown

The death of the Cyberflâneur is about how the movement of people browsing the Internet has dissipated. Flâneurism was relevant when someone wants to wander around for a cultural experience. It is a form of identity, and finding yourself. Morozov tells us that the internet is like a grocery store; People go in to buy what they need, such as a box of mac n cheese, and then get out. On the Internet one goes online to look up “the biggest box of mac n cheese ever” and then get offline. This concept is important to our class because it is a new way to think about media and communication in media. Our digital identity is consumed by sites like Google and Amazon, that buy and sell our information. We use our email to sign into everything which in turn links us to more and more digital information. We cannot be Cyberflâneurs anymore because everything is too specific and too tailored to our own identities. In my own experiences, I can remember when a friend and myself were looking up on my phone this really cool hair curler that we wanted to buy. Later that night I was completely amazed that when I went on Facebook I saw ads for the exact curler! It freaks me out now thinking about it because I realize that when I search for something online everybody knows about it. Nothing is safe anymore!! Our privacy is violated as soon as we get online. Should this be allowed?