Blog Post- #3 – Danielle Brown

So, last week we started the locative media project. So far we are off to a horrid start; not only could I do nothing… but I could not even sign into the program. We could not even figure out what I was doing wrong. How could the program work for half of the class perfectly fine and for the other half not work at all?! It is just rude if we are being honest.

The photo a day project on the other hand is going much better than the locative media project. For the “day in the life” theme, the idea was simple but actually executing planned out pictures was a tad more difficult. My friend Tylor has been asking me to be in the photo a day project for weeks (ever since we started this project). This was his lucky ‘week’. We went to eat at the c4c and to the dorm and it was hard to think of things interesting or significant enough to photograph. In the end, we decided his life is very boring and his main activities are: eating, sleeping, scootering, studying, hanging out alone and with friends, and texting. He’s not very exciting.

The most recent theme (from the ground) was also not a difficult concept until I decided to actually start taking the pictures. The lighting was annoying but the focus was really fun to play with. I mostly liked to take them from straight on, on the ground. The one I took from beneath the tree varied from this description because I wanted to show the gorgeous colors by the bottom of the tree. Overall this was one of my more favorite themes.

Thanks Locative Media Project