Blog #2- Danielle Brown

The theme this week was harder. Not only does the ISO have to be on point, and the shutter speed perfect but now YOU have to look ‘decent’ in the photos. Thank goodness for self timers. My favorite post used a self timer. There was a slightly ajar door that lead to a bathroom. All one could see is the legs and the toilet but it was obviously me “taking a dump”. As disturbing as that sounds, I find it a good reflection of myself simply because I am not a shy person when it comes to talking about gross things. My friend described that post as “a ballsy move”. My other favorite post was the picture of me holding my dog on the foothills. That dog means everything to me; I would literally die for that dog. It was difficult to take that picture because keeping the subject in focus and making sure the background color was recognizable was difficult. It really helps that Colorado is so freaking beautiful. Besides the actual camera details, my puppy was excited to experience all these new smells that she just wanted to be on the ground sniffing around. So picking a subject to be featured in your photo that doesn’t understand English besides the words “sit” and “treat” isn’t the smartest idea. I didn’t want my viewers to see the ipad in any of my pictures but the exception I made was with my reflection in my dad’s Kia Sorento. I loved that I could see myself in the window and the car door at the same time without moving. Both of the images reflected could be physically juxtaposed right then and there. This theme was challenging but I felt like I was still able to be creative.


I’m really cool