Blog Post #1- Danielle Brown- Photo a day #1

For the first week of photos the theme was family. Some of my pictures were an abstract theme of family while others were literal. Because my father is the XO of the Naval ROTC program here on our lovely campus, my sweet family now lives 20 minutes away in Arvada, Colorado. My second picture features my dad at work on the phone with a mug, in focus, describing his position at work. My first picture, my mom, was taken while on a laid-back lunch date. My third picture is of the first friend I made when my family and I moved to Colorado. We are now so close I consider him my brother. #Familyzoned. My fifth picture is of my actual brother who came to watch the CU Buffs game with me. My little bro is fourteen, if he is not eating or sleeping, I would bet you twenty bucks he is working out somewhere so, the picture of him pumping out some pull-ups in a parking garage describes him perfectly. My sixth picture is also my favorite picture. My delicious, brand new puppy’s name is Frankenstein, (Frankie for short). It is extremely difficult to take a good picture of an animal that just wants to play with you. After a good portion of time wiggling and jumping around, she decided to lick the camera just as I was snapping the shot I am so lucky it came out perfect. The photo a day project has been forcing me to think in the moment and look at all my surroundings.