Reading Response #1- Danielle Brown

In the Berger reading, “Ways of Seeing”, it is mentioned that humans are like backward lighthouses, instead of light traveling out, appearances are traveling in. The appearances or images that are created are “documentary evidence”, and are displaced from time and place. A replica of a creation can be a picture, a memory, or a copy of a painting and more. This idea was not always around. Many years ago the image could only be seen in one place at one time. The fact that today there can be fifteen people all looking at the same image on different screens in different countries is remarkable. However, the innovative concept can become more of a problem than an evolution.

Museums receive less foot traffic than they did years ago. Statues and paintings are not selling themselves like they used to because anyone can look up a picture of what they want to see on the Internet. There is a difference though. Seeing an original of something can be in many ways more transcending. From my own experience, a couple years ago my family and I took a trip to the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, Italy. There we saw marble seventeen foot “David”. Pictures and replicas do not do the sculpture justice. Michelangelo is the master of Renaissance art. In the gift store my mother bought me a bookmark with the image of “David” on the front. When I look at the bookmark now, I do not receive the same chilling feeling as when I was in the art museum. The sights that are taken in by “the lighthouse” are no longer what the original artist intended. This has changed the way society is run.