Blog Post #2 – Devin Franklin

I’ve completed my second week of the Photo-a-Day project and I’m beginning to get much more comfortable taking photos regularly. Throughout the week I explored the theme of “self portrait” in a number of different ways. Some of the pictures, of course, were just photos of me or my friends and me. But I tried […]

Peyton Miller- Blog Post #2

This weeks “photo-a-day” theme was “Self Portrait”. I found this theme to be slighter easier than last weeks theme, which was family, but still somewhat difficult to change up the types of pictures I took. I tried to move beyond the selfie, and switch up the shots that were meant to portray me. I sometimes […]

Blog Post #2 Jackson Landis

We just finished the second week of the photo a day project and  I must say, I have not been better about taking my photos everyday… This week’s prompt was “Self Portrait”. I felt this prompt was interesting, but wasn’t as cool as last week’s prompt. Family was cool to do because it really made you […]

Blog Post 2- Ben Segal

For the second week of “Photo A Day”, the theme was selfies. The selfie is a simple picture that many of us take multiple times a day for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and what have you. My goal for the second week was to get as creative as possible with the selfies and to take selfies that stray […]

Blog #2 Megan Flaherty

This week was hard. The goal of taking a self portrait without having seven selfies of myself was really hard.  I had to think of things that I did that represented me.  The first day was easy because I could just take a picture of my laptop.  It represented where I’ve been, what I like […]

Ben Hoban – Blog Post 2 – Photo A Day Week 2

Again I am struggling with photography this week. I don’t think about taking pictures while I am out and about on campus and it is hurting my overall numbers of pictures. The hinderance of this week theme is that I am one of those people that hates pictures of themselves. My favorite picture from this week […]

Blog #2- Danielle Brown

The theme this week was harder. Not only does the ISO have to be on point, and the shutter speed perfect but now YOU have to look ‘decent’ in the photos. Thank goodness for self timers. My favorite post used a self timer. There was a slightly ajar door that lead to a bathroom. All […]

Blog post #2 Sam Cast

This week’s photo-a-day topic was self-portrait. The instructions were to move beyond the selfie and create something new and different. This made it a lot more challenging than I was expecting, and I had to give up and take a regular selfie a couple of the assigned days. Other than that I generally tried to […]

Blog Post #2 – Breanna Ingram

The second theme for our photo-a-day project was “self portrait.” I personally found this a lot easier than the “family” theme. I picked things that I felt represented my personality, even if I wasn’t actually in every picture. The first picture is of a book that my best friend made me for Christmas, it covers […]

Blog Post #2 Wakako Hirano

This week we took photos about self-portrait as photo-a-days assignment. To be honest, I do not like taking selfies very much because it seems to be meaningless for me. When I see someone taking a selfie, I think they look funny because they really concentrate on taking a good picture and do not care about […]