Blog post #5 – Evan Rosen

The final portfolio, now being done with it was probably my favorite assignment. I enjoyed many things about it, I really had to think about every assignment we did this year and somehow connect our photo-a-days to readings. I enjoyed doing this because it really made my brain open up and think deeper than I have in this class all year! Some difficulties I had with this final assignment was the final question. I read the questions over countless times, first I tried to really decipher what was being asked and then figure out how to put that into 450-500 words. I also had trouble with the second part of the locative media question and how it relates to an exact theme and reading, after going through my notes for around an hour I finally figured it out! I had great success creating my website I figured out many little things you could do to help make your project even cooler. For example, I figured out a way to add a Instagram logo and if you click it, it would take you straight to my Instagram for the class! This project relates to our course because I literally went over multiple readings and every project we have ever done! I learned so much in this class that I was not expecting to learn and when going through this stuff for the last time I am very grateful to have been a part of this class!