Review Locative Media

After realizing what I was supposed to do for this project I thoroughly enjoyed the project and everything we got to learn! My partner for the locative media project was Will Mclure. Will’s application worked surprisingly very well! I say surprisingly because it took me around twenty minutes to finally figure mine out and get mine to work! Will’s project was located is the quad right between the VAC and the UMC right around where the music building is located! I was happy he used this spot because I walk through it often! I realized that one of the verbal tracks was a kendrick lamar monologue! I recognized the voice and was immediately intrigued. I enjoyed how creative Will was by using the Kendrick Lamar monologue! I also enjoyed how Will created his tracks. I was able to tell Will most likely did not use garage band because the sound was much deeper in my opinion than any sound you can make on garage band. Overall I believe Will did a great job, especially by making the sounds go along with Kendrick Lamar’s voice almost perfectly and of course his application actually worked when I got there which was awesome!