Luke Davis’ Review of Zachariah Aguilar’s App

Zachariah Aguilar’s App Review

There is so much history on the campus of The University of Colorado. Tupac and Benjamin Franklin made history on this campus. Wait they did? Zach’s app was very creative and told the story of fake history events that happen in the library and UMC. I thought it was genuinely funny because it felt like I was at a museum looking at an exhibit. There is something very creative about what Zach did here. This app is really a kernel of an idea which could be taken very far. Imagine an app a tourist would use to take a tour of a city and everywhere you go someone could be telling you about the history of a certain spot.┬áZach’s app work flawlessly. It could have worked better if the atmosphere and the story overlapped more because I heard them separately when I was moving around the area, but really that’s my only critique. Zach used a Tupac song and the National Anthem as atmospheric music which were interesting choices and then his story featured a “fake” history about the events that occurred at these spots. More over the “fake’ history was very funny and the history really told an interesting story. I’m really interested to see if other people in the class did something as creative as Zach. I think you deserve one of the best grades in the class because your app was interesting and creative. Good Work and continue this creativity into your final project!