Locative Media Review of Jessica’s Project

For the Locative Media Project, I was responsible for testing Jessica’s project. She originally was going to have her location by the Norlin quad, but changed it to be in the Environmental design building. I thought this was a very good idea to have the audio be in the same building that we have class in. I got into the building and opened up the app. It wasn’t playing any audio. Then, I stood in the space for a few seconds. An Error message then popped up on my screen saying, “AudioChannel Error, File not found audio/atmos2.mp3”. Based on this message I inferred that there was something wrong with the app. I knew that the app was trying to play the audio, but something kept going wrong. I then emailed Jessica about the problem, so she sent me the audio clips that would have played in the building. Her atmosphere one audio is of creepy background music. It sounds as if it is of breathing and creepy white noise. Her atmosphere 2 is of water dropping and slight crinkling of something behind the water. Based on her atmosphere sounds, I could tell that her intent was to have her locative media project be a scary story. After hearing these sounds I was excited to listen to her story audio clips. Jessica’s story one audio clip is of creepy children singing “la la la”. This creates an extremely creepy effect. Her final audio clip, story 2, is of a few different men whispering the words “die”. As the clip goes on, they say “die” faster and faster. When you combine all of these audio clips together, I can imagine that it would have changed the Environmental Design building to a safe, welcoming space to a creepy, scary environment. I really like the idea of Jessica’s project, especially since Halloween just passed, but I only wish I could listen to in in the space on the app.