Locative Media Project – Dohee Kim

My partner was Dylan, and I went to his dorm(the Hallett hall) to try out his Locative Media project. At first, the app was woking really well and smoothly, however, as I approached the spot where the sound transition was supposed to happen, the app all of a sudden stopped playing the track and went silent. I assume there was problems with the wifi that caused the app to stop. What I found interesting and creative about his approach, was that he created all of his soundtracks by himself and they were in fact really catchy and sounded professional. The quality of his soundtracks were quite impressive, considering the fact that he used the Garageband to produce all of them. One thing I would change about his project would be to choose a better location where wifi interference won’t be an issue. Other than that everything worked out just perfectly.

This project made me think differently about the relationship between media and space. Now I know the importance of sound effects because they can change the whole atmosphere of a space instantly. This idea is applied to various types of media including movies and TV shows because sound effects play a major role among them.


Dylan’s URL: http://the.appfurnace.co/test/Vst38/

My URL: http://the.appfurnace.com/test/CGXrY/