Evan Rosen – Locative Media App

The locative media project was one of the most frustrating assignments I have ever done! It definitely was not the most challenging assignment I have ever done, but because you needed perfection my frustration levels reached new heights! I had trouble figuring out what the final version of this assignment was supposed to be. I had no difficulty creating a sound from scratch, music is my life and I loved creating a sound that I thought would fit the scenery of a cemetery. Once I finally figured what was wanted for the end of this project I was very happy! One of the last things that I had to do was, I had to convert a couple of my files into mp3’s and after I did that it was smooth sailing until the end.

In my opinion, had I completely understood the project from the beginning I feel like it could have been a lot better. The hardest part for me was completing the tutorial part because my computer appfurnace page was almost malfunctioning, and it was adding a 1 to the end of some of the code names! The easiest part of this assignment was definitely, making and deciding what music I was going to use. I was very happy because, I went into the assignment thinking that we had to use GarageBand, I was very pleased upon learning we did not have to! The overall just took a lot of trying and hoping it would work, and in the end it finally did! At the end of the day I did get very frustrated, but I am also happy that I now kind of know how to build a mobile app!