Dohee Kim – Blog #5 (Final Project Entry #2)

I am currently in the midst of working on our very last project, final portfolio. So far, I’ve picked several photos for the project, and I also came up with some ideas for the explanation of each photo. I also have been trying out various things to my WordPress blog; I tried changing themes few times, posted sample images, and so on. I mainly used the Lynda tutorials to improve my blog. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, the Lynda tutorials were absolutely helpful, as it gave me some tips for building up my blog; it made me try different things such as creating a new post, adding images, and changing themes.

One difficulty I faced was doing the part where it told me to pick 6 photos that show how my “eye” changed over the course of the semester. This was tricky because I didn’t think my perceptions changed that much since I was too focused trying to “complete the assignment”. But eventually I was able to actually see some changes in my photos once I looked at them in sequence. I noticed my eye has been becoming more and more specific in terms of the detailed things I captured throughout the assignment.

This project is related to our course because it combines everything we’ve learned and accomplished throughout the semester. We get to use various types of media to represent what the real media is. I think it’s really nice to look back our progresses and share them with our peers.